Who develops Patty?

Gerard Toonstra

Born in Holland, 31 years old. He started with computers on a Commodore 64, followed an education at the Nautical Academy ( not much to do with computers! ), sailed on container carriers for 2 years of his life, started working ashore in the computer business and started specializing in the Telecom industry. He worked for "Telfort" in Holland for about one year, mostly on B2B website/security and billing/smas/vpn middleware. Then moved to Cambridge, UK in September, 2001.

Worked for Convergys, Cambridge, UK for 2.5 years on the Geneva product ( billing system customisations ). Moved to Brazil in April, 2004 to Recife, Brazil. Now works for C.E.S.A.R in Recife, where he works on various Telecom projects, some server-based work and sometimes client-based applications.